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Vacuum metallizing

What is Vacuum Metalizing?

During the process of the vacuum metalizing they put the metallic coating material in a vacuum chamber so that the material can be heated. The metal needs to be heated until it begins to evaporate. The vaporized metal is used as the coating. for the product. It condenses to the product as a very thin metallic film, during the process of applying the metal evaporate the product is being turned so that it gets applied evenly.
In vacuum metallizing a metallic coating material placed in a vacuum chamber with the workpiece to be coated. The material that is being applied is then heated until it starts to evaporate, this vaporized metal condenses on the product or workpiece as a thin metallic film. As this is happening the part is being rotated for uniformity of the coat.

The vacuum metalization process

A vacuum metalization process for applying a chrome coating on aluminum and steel substrates, for example vehicle wheels, hub caps, bumpers and the like. The process is environmentally compatible and produces a decorative, wear-resistant chrome finish and comprises four stages: a cleaning or preparation stage, a base coat application stage, a two-step PVD stage, and a topcoat application stage. The surface of the substrate is prepared and pretreated to provide a surface congenial for the adhesion of the base coat and to eliminate any contamination. An organic epoxy, thermosetting powder base coat is applied to smooth the surface to a glass-like finish and to ensure adhesion of the metal coatings. A two part metal coating is then applied via a PVD process, consisting of a Ni/Cr base and a Cr layer. A protective acrylic, thermosetting topcoat is then applied to protect the metal coating layers.




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