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Tungsten heater elements

 Most of high-temperature vacuum furnaces are electrically resistance heated. Heating elements may be constructed from metal or graphite in a variety of styles. Metal heating elements are fabricated from strip, sheet, wire and rod depending upon the configuration of the hot zone. Heating element design takes into account thermal capability, mechanical stability, configuration and service life. The heating element is the most critical part of the system in terms of material choice.( tungsten heating elements, tungsten rod heater, tungsten strip heater )


Tungsten is the best choice for the excellent high-temperature characteristics. Tungsten heating elements is used almost exclusively in vacuum furnaces for higher temperature ranges (1800 to 3000 C for example). The heating element operates at a higher temperature than any other component in the system. Tungsten is used in the form of rod, strip, wire, or wire mesh design.

 At Chinatungsten Online, we can supply different kinds of tungsten heater elements, such as tungsten rod heat element, tungsten strip heater, tungsten wire heater and tungsten wire mesh heater. We offers tungsten wire mesh heater at lower price to help our customers cut down their cost. 

Tungsten Heat Element according to furnace design and operating temperature, we supply hot zones with heating elements c in the form of strip heaters, wire and rod elements, stranded-wire elements or mesh-heaters.

  1. Tungsten Strip Heater  Made of W, Mo, MoLa, TZM, Ta  Very fine shape and exact Ohm  High mechanical and thermal stability   Low creep deformation  Supply rod heating elements according to user's drawing
  2. Tungsten mesh heater  Very fine shape and exact Ohm  High mechanical and thermal stability  Low creep deformation  Long life times  Supply mesh heater according to user's drawing and inquiry.
  3. Tungsten heater rod  Size: dia. 2 - 11 mm x 6000 mm long  Very fine surface and density uniformity  High mechanical and thermal stability   Low creep deformation  Long life times  Supply rod heating elements according to user's drawing Delivery in short time.

More infomation about tungsten heater elements is listed as:

 Material :  Pure tungsten 99.95% best supplier for tungsten heating elements.;

Application : High-temperature vacuum furnaces, Operating temperature of 1800 - 3000 C;

Technic :

  • 1) pure W --> forged to W rod --> folding --> inspecting --> packing
  • 2) W wire --> Weaved to mesh --> welding --> inspecting --> packing
  • 3) W sheet --> EDM cutting --> riveting --> inspecting --> packing

If you have any interest in our products, please feel free to contact us by email: or by telephone:86 592 5129696.

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