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Tungsten heater for spurrering

What is Spurrering?

Spurrering, sometimes called vacuum metallizing, is used in a myriad of applications and many more will emerge as industry learns how cost effective it is to mass produce using this method. The three most popular applications for spurrering are:

1. Reflective finishes on road signs, emergency lights and flash lights.

2. Decorative chrome coatings on wheels, headlamps and interior and exterior car trim, as well as vacuum metallization on trophies, shower parts, jewelry, ipod cases and toys.

3. Shielding from heat, vapors, electro magnetic interference and radio interference on computers, cell phones and cameras.

Tungsten heater for spurrering

Tungsten heater can be used for spurrering. Many of the shiny “chrome” parts on car dashboards and toys are actually plastic that has been covered with a thin coat of aluminum through a process called vacuum metallizing. In this process, a part (plastic, glass or metal) is placed in a chamber and most of the air is pumped out. Metal vapor enters the chamber and condenses on the part to form a very thin and shiny metallic coating. A transparent topcoat is then applied to protect the part from scratching and humidity. A gold finish and other colors can be achieved by adding dye to the topcoat.



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